Fix It Stick’s products are warranted by Fix It Sticks (“Seller”) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years following date of purchase (one year for Torque Limiter products).  Due to their consumable nature, Insert bits are not included in this warranty, and are not warranted for use.

Any Product believed by buyer to be defective must be returned by buyer to Seller’s. Such action must be taken not later than thirty (30) days following the end of the warranty periods. Failure to take such action within such period shall be a waiver of this limited warranty, and no assistance or other action thereafter taken by Seller shall be deemed to extend or revive the warranty period. 

If, in Seller’s sole judgment, the Product returned by buyer is defective and covered under this limited warranty, Seller shall have the option of repairing, recalibrating or replacing the Product, at Seller’s charge. 

This limited warranty shall not apply to any Product which, in Seller’s sole judgment, has been the subject of negligence, abuse, accident, tampering or alteration; nor shall it apply to any Product damaged by acts of God, improper operation, maintenance or storage, or other than normal use, including, without limitation, failures caused by corrosion, erosion, wear and tear, rust or other foreign materials, or any failure to use the Product in accordance with all applicable instructions, specifications and recommendations of Seller. 

This limited warranty shall not cover, and Seller shall not under any circumstance be liable for, damages for injuries to persons or property; loss of profits; loss of use; other commercial loss; expenses of labour, travel or other items related to the return or replacement of defective Products; or any consequential, incidental, contingent or special damages, whether arising in contract, in tort or under statute; or any other damages or expenses not agreed upon in writing by Seller, even if Seller has been advised of the potential for any such damages or expenses.  In no event shall Seller be liable for an amount greater than the original purchase price of the Product. 

 To talk about your warranty please contact sales@fixitsticks.co.uk