53 Inch lbs Torque Limiter & 3/16" Extended Ball-End Hex Combo Pack

Type: Tools
Miniature Torque Limiter prevents over-tightening of fasteners. Comes with an extended 3/16" Ball-End Hex that is designed to access the action screws of Accuracy International Rifles and Chassis systems.

When 53 Inch Lbs is reached:

Audible "Click" is heard.
Limiter "spins" preventing further torque from being applied.
Designed for Accuracy International Rifle and Chassis Action Screws.

Accepts any standard 1/4" bit
Fits into any standard 1/4" driver
+/- 6% Accuracy
Retains accuracy for 20,000 cycles

Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition for field / travel use.

Integrates perfectly with T-Way Wrench for shop use.
NOTE: T-Handle wrench is not included. Only the torque limiter and bit.

Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks is a highly modular multi-tool system featuring a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, along with standard 1/4" bits.  Fix It Sticks uses a T-handle concept to give you the best of both worlds: shop level function, paired with light weight and portability. 

All Fix It Sticks products are designed, engineered and tested in Chicago, IL and manufactured to exacting standards at high-end facilities in Taiwan.

Keep your gear running in the field. 

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